An experienced UX designer/researcher with a wide range of skills across all areas of UI design and development. My friendly attitude and approachable manner allow me to work with clients to ascertain their exact requirements and evolve an effective experience for their end users.

UX 89
UI 87
User testing 83
Presenting 92

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Analysing statistics, interviewing and shadowing stakeholders and users, running focus groups and workshops, listening to and observing client and user issues and pain points, identifying patterns and acting on those, establishing what the ‘real’ issues are and finding realistic (and often multiple) solutions. Producing personas, site-maps, rough wireframes and recommendations, user-flows, designing and conducting user testing, writing test scripts and where appropriate A/B Testing.

Taking into account findings from UX research (whether my own or handed to me by another team member) and my own experience and knowledge, interpreting those into more detailed designs. Looking at key actions, reviewing existing interaction elements and patterns, device specific elements, the various states of an interaction, error messaging, information and guidance around individual elements and creating user-journeys/flows, specifications, wireframes and high and low fidelity prototypes.

Much like creating concept the research is key to creating the best product possible, therefore using personas, user flows and journeys, producing high fidelity pixel perfect visuals for all mediums, devices and printed materials at resolutions suited for the end product. Producing designs for testing and skinning up prototypes to allow a designed prototype for user testing. All of my work comes with a written mark up so location of developers and stakeholders doesn’t cause friction on handovers.

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Clarksons Platou2019-07-01T10:34:06+01:00

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