Boats and salty licorice

Maersk Line are one of the biggest logistical companies in the world but people struggle to recognise the name until you say ‘Captain Phillips, you know, the boat he was on, that’s what they do’. However in recent times they have had a real push toward an improved digital experience for clients and prospective clients.

Digital improvments

As part of a team I was given a project called Self-service export documentation which falls under part of the exporters view point. This project was part of the over arching project to revamp the current portal design and simplify the user journey.

  • Worked in an agile environment as the user’s champion to help push back and change system blocks and challenge the status quo
  • Used Google Material Design as the UI base and evolved with peer reviews and user feedback
  • Created user journeys and helped shape user cases and epics
  • Created a fully working prototype to allow for testing happy paths and single dead ends

Project Acceleration

This project was a continuous improvement and documentation piece. This piece was designed to be a visual aid to the roadmaps created along the project. It’s intention was to allow non-tech savvy members understand the changes in a visual format along with showing a clear path through releases.

  • Create a baseline for further works
  • Presented back to senior stakeholders
  • Created a pipeline view of work to come and the changes that would occur for the user for documentation

Internal system

My final contribution to my time at Maersk Line was to help visualise an internal system update for CSA’s to batch deliver information. This was a time constrained project which involved quick sign off on workflows and was quickly prototyped through the previously created widget library constructed on Axure.

  • Asked to review the current journey and make improvements to the flow
  • Aligned to a new style guide
  • Created a prototype to help show the happy path along with a few dead ends
  • presented to stakeholders both abroad and internal

Other case studies

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