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Clarksons Platou is a global shipping broker who deals with big data and large scale orders. They’re one of the largest brokers in the game and are looking to the future through an online portal system which could help you shift teddy bears from Germany to Australia quickly and hassle free

A whole range of applications

I was part of a small design team at Clarksons, working on lots of interesting applications from very simple or presumed simple to the incredible complex and diverse apps. All part of the Clarksons suite offered to internal team members and the public.

  • Worked within a small design team to redesign the old system

  • Used Google Material Design as a base to work off and created various new components where needed

  • Created flows to help understand the complex applications

  • Used version control to keep all changes and revisions

Sketch and inVision

Whilst at this project I was able to learn a new software that I had only dabbled in previously. I used a combination of Sketch and InVision extensively whilst at Clarksons to quickly iterate through designs and to provide interactive prototypes for end user testing. Using symbols and plugins such as Zeplin to help the dev teams out when it was time to pass the designs over.

Other case studies

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