THREE big projects, ONE big red company

While I was at Vodafone I undertook several large projects whilst helping with continuous improvement to their site.

Project Chameleon

An Information architecture piece to help reshape the old site into a new cleaner, refined site. This spanned several months, included multiple phases and crossed multiple teams as touch points. As lead on this project, I had colleagues assist in testing as we had limited budget and a lot of methods to test along the way.

  • 1400 pages on the brochureware site reduced to 400, including campaign and landing pages
  • Used Hub and Spoke IA methodology to best support the business requirements.
  • Created new Hub page templates to allow the methodology to work and allow easy deep diving for customers
  • Presented to the wider business and department regularly to set expectations and reassure any concerns or questions
  • Used various testing methods from card sorting, tree testing all the way to group interaction and singular interviews on requirements

VCO for Enterprise

VCO is for Vodafone’s large enterprise clients and allows them to order in bulk. The system is independent from the common customer facing site at and VCO was in an older style at the time. I came onto the project halfway through to help resolve unanswered UX questions and work on aspects of the UI.

  • Created a vanilla prototype for a fully documented journey to show stakeholders
  • Separated bespoke journeys from standard vanilla
  • Created a widget library through Axure to allow easier updates in the future
  • Relayed sprint changes back to the stakeholder

The Vodafone Difference

Created off the back of Project Chameleon, The Vodafone Difference was a brand led reassurance piece which I pitched to the CEO and CFO of Vodafone UK/Europe. This idea was to run alongside a pipeline of brand campaigns and to use this as a capture point and hub for all information around what vodafone are doing differently.

  • Presented to VIP stakeholders and gained their knowledge around upcoming projects
  • Created a brand new page design which ran outside the classic site allowing it to be a creative landing page which could push the boundaries of the current site system
  • Created a pipeline of improvements to run alongside the brand campaign including HTML5 video, personalisation and CSS3 animations

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