Future proofing garage software

Autino are a small to medium sized company with ambitions to push to the next level with backing from Castrol on new products for large clients. The suite of products being updated and brought into a compatible state will give the end users more options when dealing with their day to day workflows.

Carvue package

I was first tasked with tackling the concerns with the Carvue Sass customers. I firstly looked into their CRM system to gather both quantitative and qualitative data. As these are active customers I made sure to send communications to these paying customers before arriving on their doorsteps. Once collated I shared the findings with the team and directors to help shape the future roadmap.

  • 30% response rate for Quantitative data structures

  • 7% agreed to be visited for Qualitative data

  • Created Personas and a presentation to share with the organisation

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