Revitalising the digital marketing environment

A small start up specialising on improving small to medium businesses online presence through the implementation of a custom online application. Built by experts for experts in their fields. Proven through rigorous user research to help constantly redefining the tools mechanics and functionality for the best possible interface.

Created from scratch with no holds barred

The epitome of a start up, three guys working remotely to produce a digital tool to help others move their businesses forward. As the UX lead on this project I was the guiding force for UCD production. Making sure that the team had personas, user flows and concept wires to run with. After the discovery phase was completed we then concentrated on the look and feel with a graphic designer and are very first style guide

To help the people grow by themselves or with help

The idea of Scioma was to have two variants of the system. Both using the same core system but each with their own tweaks made from the personas created in the discovery phase. The internal system helps agencies that are trying to capture new leads and the main external system is for the public to use. The internal system holds a much richer experience including dashboards and sorting lists whilst the standard external system is a much simpler single user application

  • Created with all Personas in mind.

  • Simple to use Core system

  • Constant iterations of the internal product to allow agencies to gain new hot leads

  • Constant user testing to keep the core product ahead of the curve

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