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To Xbox or to PS4… This is the question

Right here is a poll, I want to find out what you guys are thinking in terms of next gen… What will you guys buy and why!

Now I am currently an Xbox fan as the PS3 has girl sized controllers and a lag that is terrible when floating in a 30 yard ball on FIFA 13. Also I found the Xbox just a better console, now of course there will be fans of both but here is my problem.

Xbox one

  • The cost is a fair wedge, and you get the stupid Kinect
  • The racing games have a great new AI system
  • The rome game, Ryse of Rome looks like a highly graphically version a shit PS2 game whereby to advance you needed to hit X O X otherwise your stuck…
  • Controller looks nice and chunky. Man Size
  • Released later, but with FIFA. A purchase I will be making.


  • The cost is a fair wedge, but you don’t get the glowing move,play touch thing
  • The release games don’t look good at all. Lots of standard very Japanese looking stuff. Not that it’s that bad, It’s just not my thing. Metal Gear fans will be in heaven tho! DUDUDUDA… WHAT WAS THAT??!
  • PS online will cost as much as the Xbox live gold membership
  • Controller looks alright bit girly and small in my eyes
  • You don’t get FIFA on release and will that annoying lag be there??


No idea what to do, but need to do something soon. What consoles are you going for and why? Is there a stand out issue apart from the price. When taking all of the components into consideration, there’s not much in it.

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