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Well this was a great project to be included in. I was asked to re-work a friends Dad’s website as I was recommended through word-of-mouth. I was happy to have a look at the site and as soon as I saw it, the ideas just ballooned and I had already visualised several concepts.


My main thinking for this site was to build it mobile up; I created a responsive grid system which focused on this fact. It also allows for non-device centric thinking and content response. Therefore, if there is a paragraph that leaves windows, or jumps out on a tablet device, you can simply add a media query and it is back in line.

To make things run smoothly with the grid, I developed a simple mobile version and adapted it for landscape tablets and desktops. I decided the best time to bring in the grid is around the 768px mark. So, if you want to check this out have a little screen size fun.

Was the Customer happy though Mr Big Shot Grid System?

I was working with Dave and from what I understand; Dave was a very happy man. He really loved the mobile version and then I showed him the CSS3 hover tricks and image switching; then he was extremely excited by it.

Special thanks too

As usual, I always ask my buddies for a little input on what they think of sites I produce, in this case I had a creative boost from the majority of friends. Especially, Mr Haines, who always helps me with difficult coding and especially when I get myself bamboozled over JavaScript. For the design side of things, a massive hand to Mr Nick Brown, a legend in the world of travel and a global lead at, who has helped in the design of their rather awesome mobile app. Suggest having a little look if you like food.
Most special thanks to Mr Jack Westbury of Juke Web Design for his proofreading and general input on all of the sites I have created. I couldn’t do it without you.
So after all that, here is the new shiny, mobile up site for

Trio Building Company

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