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The perception of Protein to the newbie gym goer

Right let’s just get the point shall we, protein is good for you! It’s that simple. I was asked by a good friend about protein and I tried to explain proteins the best I could without making her engage the confused face. So now I’ll explain it in a series of short sentences and interesting images.

How much protein should I be having?
PowercowRealistically you should be consuming 0.8g of protein per kilo of weight. So if your 100kg you will need 80 grams of protein and thats if your not doing exercise. Therefore if you are going to the gym depending on the intensity of your workout will determine how much protein you should have, as the muscles will work harder, you can’t fuel a sports car without high quality fuel.

Isn’t protein worse than carbs and fats?
No, carbs in high quantities will bloat you and make you look like you’ve just inhaled a cloud! I would suggest either going for a health carb like brown rice or sweet potato, or just cutting back on the large portion of chips. Fats, this is a beast in it’s self, we need fats, this is a fact. Peanut butter is a great source of proteins and fats. You don’t want to many saturated fats as there the ones that stick!

I don’t want to be that person with the shaker and the penguin walk
Protein image
Don’t worry, you don’t need to be that guy who’s wider than a truck shaking his mixer with so much passion he makes passionfruit look like a granny smith.

The reason people have shakes is the sheer amount of protein you can get in one scoop without adding other substances. It’s also advised to have a protein blast after a workout as the body absorbs nutrients much quicker to repair the muscles, stopping that muscle ache the day after! You can also get some really nice meal replacements which taste better than the actual food so don’t hold the stereotype until you’ve tried it. If not you can always go for a lean meat like turkey. Personal favourite Turkey taco Tuesdays!

So what do I need to loose weight?
This is a big question, firstly lay off the cookie jar and the naughty cupboard! Thats just full of sugars and sat fats which yes do taste insanely better than a teaspoon of dehydrated figs covered in a peanut jus. What you need is will power, exercises and to lower your carb intake and watch for those saturated bad fats!

Helpful links to some good stuff!

interesting facts

High quality protein – You can get some extra goodies with this code! AS118605
BMR calculator – Basal Metabolic Rate calculator, this will help you figure out what you need to eat to sustain your body.
Best forms of protein – Here’s a page full of good proteins incase you don’t fancy having a shaker

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