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Steam Link vs Consoles

Steam Link

I love gadgets, especially when they involve gaming and a bit of fun. The latest piece of gear I got myself was a Steam Link. I was interested in seeing if there was a difference between the so called ‘master race’ and standard hillbilly consoles. Turns out there is, it’s a mixed set of boo’s and applause

Steam Link

This is the newest bit of gear from Steam and allows you to stream your pc to any tv or display within your network. This works a gem if like me your desktop isn’t in an easy place to use and you still want to use it.

Until recently the Steam Link as only been able to use Steam games through the Steam Big Picture. Not now! Now it can stream the whole PC! That is a massive win as only the Nvidia shield could do this before and it was out of my price budget and the reviews on performance didn’t seem to equate the costs.

Nvidia Shield

First impressions

The boxing was ‘Apple’ like and I enjoyed opening it in stages and really taking it in, I can imagine the SteamBox being an even more exciting event then it’s baby bro. Once I had attached my PC and the Steam Link to the network it updated the operating software and away I went.

It took a while for me to figure out how to use a console controller but in essence you can use both Xbox One and Ps4 controllers after you have loaded it up the first time with a keyboard/mouse and bluetoothed them onto the system. I didn’t opt for the steam controller, personally it didn’t appeal to me and I had a spare next gen controller sitting around so why spend the £50 on a controller that does the same?

Steam controller vs Xbox one

How did the controller feel

I didn’t attempt an RTS with a controller, that is for mentalists and the uneducated.. Well currently anyway. Instead I went for Marvel 2016; a free to play game that allows you to smash shit up with your favourite Marvel characters, both Heroes and Villains. Was it smooth, no it was like going down hill on a pennyfarthing. I’m not sure who is incharge of making this controller friendly but I think it’s a bit of a shambles when you can’t even login with a controller… Once i had traversed my stairs a few times to type in the username and password I was cracking skulls with the Hulk like no one had even seen. No connection issues at all and from that point it was smooth framerates all the way. Of course it was a bit difficult to use the controller in some of the games aspects but let’s face it, a controller is only for some games and you would never consider using one for say World of Warcraft so a wireless mouse and keyboard are a consideration for sure.

So will you Convert to the Master race

I’m not sure yet, the games I play on the PC are RTS and strategy games. If I want to get smashed by 13 year olds on COD I think I’ll always go for the consoles. At Least in my head that kid doesn’t look like Brainiac and intent on punishing me with a slut drop to the face and a Trojan to the motherboard.

Master race

The one thing I will be using it for however is streaming the entire PC to another room, that is incredibly useful for those without Smart tv’s and if your upstairs when the person is streaming, very very intriguing and spooky.

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