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Star Trek into Darkness

Star Trek into darkness

This was a film I was dying to see at the cinema/IMAX but just didn’t get round to watching. So instead on the first friday of it’s release, I purchased the blu ray 3D copy. WOW… this has to be one of the best 3D films I have watched and possible a contender for the best film of 2013. Every shot is in High Def 3D glory, especially in the fight scenes.

I don’t want to give too much away for those of you that haven’t seen it but I will give a brief overview of my personal highlights. At the beginning of the film we are taken to the vibrant new world were who other but Captain Kirk and the enterprise team are doing there best to salvage a new world from extinction as a cataclysmic volcano is about to erupt. It’s gripping, exciting and nervous with the classic comedy of Scotty, Bones and Kirks conversations. The overwhelming story pusher throughout the opening 30 minutes and entire film is emotions. It focuses on dilemmas between all of the crew and how to resolve them with logic or emotion. Similar to an episode of OC or 910210 with angry teenagers crying about who to take to the prom. But clearly a higher standard of acting and special effects.

As the film continues the plot thickens as we are introduced to various new members of the Enterprise team including the new ship hottie Carol Marcus (Alice Eve), the klingons and Kahn.
Star Trek HottieAll of which have huge parts to play in the unfolding of the plot and eventual conclusion. Which I’m not going to give away! So I will leave it there but know that this film is one of the best of 2013 and I don’t think the pope would dislike it!

In summary this is one of the top films I have ever seen, the plot was superb and helped with the abilities of the cast and special effects teams. JJ Abrams really showed his true abilities with this film, pushing not only his limits as a director but those of the entire cast.

9/10 a must see

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