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Print work for a wedding


Recently, I have been putting my skills forward to a variety of tasks, the latest is print work. Now, most designers get their knickers in a twist if they hear a web developer/designer was trying to produce a high quality print finish, but I think I’ve done a good job!

The theme for the wedding was old school mixed with some glam, so the theme I went for was chic-glam. For all the non-preppy guys, that means a 1940-1950′s look with some funky props. So I was given a design and feel to follow, next was designing it and seeing how it turned out on paper!

Here is what I ended up with!

Ceri's wedding invites

As you can see these are on special brown recycled paper, high quality and leave a really nice finish, I also created all the designs and patterns by hand, so its completely custom! HAVE SOME OF THAT PRINT

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