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Objectives within life

goals and objectives

Objectives are something that are a constant in life, whether it be to get a beach body or to get a promotion at work. There are obvious differences between the two variants but are they something that only obsessed people really look at, until it’s time to review them.

I’ve always tried to be driven in life and hold mini objectives to strive for and they usually surround an event or life achievement. The easiest example I can remember was to get the A-Levels to get into University.

Life goals are certainly something that help people get what they really want in life. Especially for those who spend their childhoods around sport. From my point of view in swimming it was always to beat my latest PB. Regardless of the strain on my body and it was an obsession until I was bullied by other people in my team and the obsession became an incarceration. Don’t worry though, I’ve done alright and it’s just character building. After exiting swimming I found myself looking for the next obsession to keep my mind and body set on achievements and i believe you are either wired up to always want to push yourself or simple get pushed by others. Clearly I don’t have any qualifications to back this up but it’s just what I have seen through listening to people and understanding their body language. I’ve found those who have confidence usually have goals, when they achieve these goals they enjoy self believe and most the time that is shown through confidence.

Smart Objectives

What are smart objectives?

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

I hate trying to figure this type of objective out and you’ll no doubt be asked to try and make your objectives at work very SMART. I can understand different viewpoints when it comes to these but they are truly a ball ache. Scott Christ and many others believe Smart objectives need to be based around improvements not aspirations. I would actually agree with them. A lot of things change in a year and most of these goals will be intrinsically linked to something that might be an aspiration not an improvement.

Clearly objectives are everywhere and they help breakdown larger complex issues into bite size pieces similar to Agile methodologies. I’m trying to have smaller objectives in my everyday life to help get me in good shape for the coming years.

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