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New Years resolutions

By now most of these have been broken and the gym memberships either cancelled or counteracted with a pizza and beer. I’ve personally had a few new year’s resolutions going on throughout the year not just at a particular point. I’ve never been one for new year, new beginning thing after all, it’s not like the matrix where everyone gets reset if it turns to shit.

Where has this come from?

I have a feeling this idea of a new year resolution comes from the fact the clocks are reset, the issue is the human body clock doesn’t get reset and peoples issues continue. For example you might decide to set a new year’s resolution to see your son more and create more memories. This is a lovely thought however you should of considered this before your Jeremy Kyle appearance where you have been given a restraining order for being a bully. A new year shouldn’t mean that you need to reset your brain and it’ll never happen that way, all your doing is giving yourself false promise.

Another profit smasher of this mentality is Christmas, waistlines and gym memberships. Most gyms and health spas see their busiest periods come straight after the Christmas binge where all those pigs in blankets hit the hips with vengeance. I can understand this mass sign up as let’s face it, most if not all of us put exercise on hold and increase the drinking and snacking over the festive period. After all Santa’s clinically obese, so it’s ok right?

Why do we even bother with new years resolutions

Marketing will rule you

Much like those irritating back to school adverts and in fact all major events, Marketeers seem to have a grip on us all year round. As soon as the 1st January arrives so does the beloved Mini eggs, creme eggs and basically Easter. I’m sure Jesus didn’t start his stroll to the light side in January, unless he was a Marketeer…. For all those people who have goals they create and ideas of losing a dress size having cleverly seductive adverts run your life with a sedentary lifestyle doesn’t bode well. In my eyes I’ve been led as a child by marketing, be it for the next Power ranger toy or the next awesome meal from the golden arches. It’s something that all of us have learnt to live with and try to forget. The issue now is that it’s all becoming psychometric and cross different parts of our day to day lives. No longer does a simple billboard to the trick.

So what’s the issue with resolutions?

Nothing is wrong with trying to start up something or lose weight at that point, I just feel it’s given way to much limelight. If you want to start something new or try to change the course of your life why does it need to start at the beginning of a new year? Why can’t it start any other time, personally I tried a few little changes last year and now I’m starting to feel the benefits. Both of those started in May. Does this mean they are mid year resolutions? Of course not you peanut! It just means that I done something new and engaged a new discipline. After all the human brain is designed to always be learning and adapting. If we stay still for too long eventually all those endorphins we crave will be crushed under a wall of depression and boredom.


So this is what I say to those who have joined a gym or attempted to change their lives in some way. Don’t put added pressure on yourself and consider only one time of the year to change your path. There’s another 300 odd days you can go for it! You are your own beast and can choose to create your own Marketing timeline, like Jesus did…(controversial).


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