Studio Spokes




The much anticipated box office smash Gravity was the film of choice this weekend, wow why is the question? Now I don’t like to be a grumpy bastard but I will try to give an objective...



Refunked and ready for battle, the new and improved Robocop is looking rather dashing, especially in his new black suit!


47 Ronin

Keanu is back in 47 Ronin, this looks like it could be on par with todays latest hits

Star Trek into darkness

Star Trek into Darkness

This was a film I was dying to see at the cinema/IMAX but just didn’t get round to watching. So instead on the first friday of it’s release, I purchased the blu ray 3D copy...

Expendables 2!!!

You name it! they are here! Arnie Statham Willis Stallone Van Damme Chuck Norris Dolph Lundgren Jet Li Terry Crews Randy Courture AND EVEN Novak Djokovic


So this was the first feature film from the makers of Family guy, the hit american Tv series that has graced our screens for an entire generations teenage life.