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“Nothing is more effective than walking over to a colleague, showing some work, discussing, sketching, exchanging ideas, understanding facial expressions and body language, and reaching a resolution on a thorny topic.”

For those that don’t know what lean UX is, it’s sharing and caring in essence, having that ability to instantly share wireframes, ideas or conceptual pieces of art. It’s easily the best way of keeping a UX teams creativity up and improving simply concepts into big game changers.

However the issue faced with UX teams are opinions. Opinions from the wrong people can cause an entire idea to completely fall flat on it’s face disregarding the traction it’s already received. In big organisations UX teams really have to fight to get over the finish line however in smaller companies can get the idea up, optimise it and improve before it’s bigger brother considers a move. The best quote I heard for describing large companies movements is this:

“A company this big is like a giant, it takes a long time to move one step, but that step tends to be a big one.”

So how can big organisations tackle the giant steps? It’s simply, become digitally focused, companies that are digitally focused tend to have a larger budget, better systems and a more focused approach to how it operates. This then avoids the awkward conversations between colleagues on the limitations of the systems and instead sparks ideas and general synergy (I HAD TOO) between departments. If the giants can get this resolved then they suddenly become the trend instead of having to follow the trend.

Clearly there’s a lot more to the infrastructure of giant companies and it would be a magical land if the direction of these companies could change overnight however this would be virtually impossible but change over time is a move in the right direction!

Much like Lean UX let me know your thoughts around this principle.

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