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So I’ve been doing insanity for 1 month now and I’m at the half way mark. I’ve seen some changes in my body but not too much in terms of the scales. Mainly down to my diet in the evenings, love sitting down watching masterchef and scoffing down a cheeky pick a mix after blitzing the body to exhaustion! But then I thought let’s try and go for this, cut the crap for the rest week and began a journey on a low carb ketogenic diet that @BrendanSchaub and @joerogan spoke about in their podcast the other day.

What is Ketogenics?

Ketogenic diets are extremely low carb, moderate protein and high fat… Yes high fat but not the crap fats you get in junk food. Fat’s from natural foods like nuts, unsalted grass fed butters and all that sort of stuff. When this happens your body goes into a shock mode called the induction flu, called that due to it’s effects on the body. Massive headaches, grumpy periods and literally, I mean literally 50% energy levels to do anything. This goes after the first week (apparently) and for me the first couple of days I had the headache from hell but the lack of energy is an issue for me now. This is down to your body having to create new enzymes to break down the fats for energy instead of carbs which we have as a society based the majority of energy sources on. Ketogenic diets are good for fat people, as when the body aligns it starts to shift the problems areas, but like all diets it saps all your willpower unless you find some interesting food sources.

I have been looking into easy foods on the go and here’s a list of things you can have:

Fiveguys no bun cheeseburger with bacon and any toppings
Nuts – Any type of nut
quest bars! Quest link

I mean the list goes on but it’s a huge change from pasta, lasagne, chips, crisps, sweet potatoes. All that! I’ve just bought some bulletproof coffee and added some MCT oil to it today. I’m feeling refreshed but here’s a list on more information on the diet itself.

More information on ketogenic diets:
50 on the go snacks
Joe Rogan on keto with Mark Sisson

Problems with insanity

So I have had a major issue in my attempt to look like a white Shaun T… The second month of insanity must be created for Olympic athletes, it’s literally the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’ve swam for nationals, trained 12 times a week and done multiple half marathons. It literally pushes me to almost falling over. Admittedly not helped by my induction keto flu but I’m hanging in there! just….

I’m hoping that my body begins to break down my fats and I start to smash insanity month 2. Otherwise I might have to just return to a below standard carb diet. If anyone has any advice on this I would greatly appreciate it as this is a huge experiment to see if my body just needs a kick start. I’ve been documenting my food intake on, add me if your want to track my progess on the keto diet.

I still have the goal to be a White Shaun T here’s my progress so far (not great):

Week 1 stats
Chest: 44 inches
Arms : 15 inches
Waist : 39 inches
Hips : 46 inches
Legs : 26.5 inches

Weight : 100.2 kg
Body fat : 27%

Week 6 stats
Chest : 42 inches
Arms : 13.3 inches
Waist : 37 inches
Hips : 42 inches
Legs : 23 inches

Weight : 97kg
Body fat : 25%

I’ll push on but any advice on the keto diet or insanity leave a message below!

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