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Idea behind Trello investigation

Whilst I was using this online project management tool in my old job I was making the most of the unique GUI interface and maximising my workload and scheduling. However I made the error of the century by forgetting my password. Theres no issue in forgetting your password but when you forget it (and due to redundancy then have your email account decommissioned), then the password recovery becomes an issue.
My idea, simple. Design a wireframe and hope they will complete it! wink wink…

The method:
When you sign up for Trello through a non-connected google account you are asked to give a ‘Security pass’, or special word.
This will then be held within your account and if, for example the untimely situation of a decommissioned email address happens, Trello have security to allow you to access and change the email for password recovery.

Here is the working example

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