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GTA 5, is this the best game there has ever been?


Now I have been gaming since the beginning of the sega Megadrive. When the visual aesthetics of games were starting to become more than 1’s and 0’s.
Back in the day games like Sonic, Golden Axe and Alex the kid were straight up revolutionary. Sonic-hedgehog Along with the consoles continuous evolution, PC games started to become 3d and Duke Nukem and Doom became indie favourites. Don’t get me wrong they were the stepping stone for Unreal Tournament and Quake, the original FPS that had real style. But this soon changed and the evolution of the gaming industry with new consoles, new genres of game and a much more demanding gamer. Now we find ourselves with a small selection of high demand games, COD, Fifa and well sometime battlefield, but wait a minute! It’s back!

As new generations of console were released there has been one game that has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in a tiny box along with the legal parameters of games in virtually every gen. O yes its GTA, from the original on PS to the latest edition, these games have been right on the edge of legal action but far beyond the expectations of gamers. I can remember characters from all the games and if you say to most people in their early 20’s what GTA is your favourite, they will ponder… and ponder before either saying Vice City, San Andreas or GTA4. That is when you know the series has escalated to stardom.

As for the latest edition, I didn’t know what to expect. It had been a long long time since I’d played one of the series so I was looking forward to it. The real question I faced was do I wait for the next gen in couple months or buy it for the xbox and deal with the slightly less graphical stripteases… I decided NOW… It was a hard choice but the sheer fact the game had broken all of the records for any entertainment product EVER was a no brainer. koala I was more excited than a koala in a eucalyptus bed, and wow… Was I disappointed… To be frank no.

The games beginning is like a film, this was not my quote! It was my girlfriends who was laying behind me observing, I said ‘Are you not bored?’ with the reply ‘no its actually a good game to watch’. This game has been made for the man with a partner…. So back to the story, you begin 9 years before the main plot working a bank job when things go bad. After this point you jump to Franklin, a young black man trying to avoid gang life. Little does he know he is actually being used as a pawn by a car dealership owner.

Now as usual I don’t want to ruin things for those who haven’t played it so I will stop right there..All I can say is this game is huge..It’s genuinely huge, with the introduction of sandy shores, planes, buggies, boats, blimps, jet fighters… SUBMARINES.. You name it and the vehicle is probably in the game. In fact just the other day I shot past some drag racers whilst checking my stock shares on the way to my tennis match!

This game simple has everything, it’s a game within a game within a game. The aesthetics are fantastic, the storyline is so fluid it could be a film, the characters in the game have so much personality you can really connect and it’s genuinely a game you struggle to stop playing. If your relationship is on a rocky road and you intend to fix it, I wouldn’t even consider buying this game as you will lose track of time and that make up dinner will be a break up dinner. Or worse a brick to the box.

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