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Grenade!! The reaction to the proactive fat moboliser


I have been on a health kick and losing some serious Waist! So much so that my good friend Mr Franck who I hadn’t seen for a good 3 months had a little compliment fest! I was like ‘Argh bro, cheers man’, shortly followed by the crowd of Mr Brown, Miss JoKing and Mrs ROCHA de brooks ripping the piss out of us!

None the less I have been attempting the protein challenge set by Maximuscle and my starting weight was 95.4kg. Which the Doc’s told me was too much for my frame to handle therefore was hoping to lose about 10kg’s in all. Yes thats a lot weight to shed but I had been down to that weight before Uni appeared in the memoirs of Adamski.

SO how have I been doing? I’ve been doing pretty well, in all I’ve lost about 3kg and am down to 92kg give or take. My training is becoming pretty hardcore recently with the introduction of a new game called ‘SQUASH’, think that’s how they say it. This game played to a high standard can leave the fittest man feeling like they’ll ‘just have a little lye down’. Along with this I have started running and training for the Reading half and swimming to help my back repair from the impact. But here’s were things got technical for no real reason.

As with every type of serious training supplements are used. I was following a regime and it was suggested to start taking various items. So I checked them out and they all seemed legit:


  • CLA-1000- acts as a digestion asset increasing the positive effects of eating and quelling the need to eat.
  • Lean protein- containing all the necessary nutrient needs to push for the pack
  • Protein bars- a lovely snack for mid days
  • GRENADE THERMOBOL- Used to increase metabolism and mobilise fats.

I’m now using their pre workout powder and it’s working like a charm, I guess this was a case of being wired up all day everyday that caused my body to go into melt down. But I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

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