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The much anticipated box office smash Gravity was the film of choice this weekend, wow why is the question?

Now I don’t like to be a grumpy bastard but I will try to give an objective view the best I can. The film is based on a small Nasa team working on a satellite needing repairs in earths orbit. Sandra Bullock is one of basically two cast members that you see, her character is a Doctor on her first mission into space to fix a prototype satellite that has malfunctioned. However it’s not her fault, it’s those clever boys at Nasa that tampered with her design. This reveals an authority to the film,  the entire film is set up in the first 15 minutes of the film. The supporting character is the one and only George Clooney, who plays Matt Kowalski. Not the same as the Monster Inc! A veteran in space on his last mission, which is highlighted several times by Nasa. His famous line in the film revolves around ‘Nasa, I have a bad feeling about this mission’, which then leads to a relevant story regarding the characters background. The short conversations the characters have does give you a brief background check and a slight connection but not enough to really get involved in the character development.

The opening scene was an edgy scene with echo sounds of radio between Nasa and the team, this was a strange and odd experience with the surround sound beginning in the top left of the cinema working its way in. This is then met by what can only be described as an attempt to re-ignite a cold war rivalry by the script writers. Now if you don’t want to know the storyline then you properly should of stopped reading at the start of this But if you do want to watch the film, I would properly stop now! Back to the point; Nasa relays a message to the team that the Russians have fired a missile at a satellite. Who the hell would fires a missile at a satellite? This really irritated me as the plot just seemed flawed to begin with. I have worked with space satellite insurers and I can tell you this, the cost of what happens in this film would bankrupt Google let alone a country. That aside the visual effects of what happens are excellent with the orbit affect of satellite debris occurring a total of three times.

Other annoying features of the film

Now I’m not going to give too much away, but there is one scene that I felt went on for way to long. After the major event has happened Ryan Stoner (Sandra B) finds herself summersaulting backwards in the the black abyss losing contact with the only other crew member, Senior Clooney. This scene was a good 5 minutes of this backward spinning shit. In 3d I felt horrible, I had to look away as it was a fairly boring and to me an unnecessarily long section of the film. It just felt like a filler.

In summary this film had the potential to be something incredible, instead the storyline has been flawed by an over used 1980’s cold war, blame it on the Russians storyline. Coupled with a severe lack of action and stupidly happy ending. As I was walking out of the cinema, I turned to my companion and was about to say what I thought before a chorus of people in front of me started with ‘That was boring, was so much hype and it was a massive let down’ ‘what a waste of money’ and I’m paraphrasing hugely there, so you I’ll leave it to you imagination as to the colour of the words used.

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