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So this Winter we’re witnessing some big FPS releases but all of them are suffering from downfalls, be it a lack of offline or no real addition or attraction to their respective series.

I’ll start with the franchise which I have the greatest pull toward. Star Wars and it’s new release of Battlefronts. Back in the day I used to sit with friends and smash through hours of Tie fighters and stormtroopers, together in a split screen mode. Then when their mums collected them I’d carry on with the awesome single player mode and Jedi the shit out of the empire.

star wars battlefront

I was hoping the latest release would be on this wavelength, however it would seem EA have made Battlefronts in the shadow of Battlefield and excluded any single player campaign mode but included an arena survival mode. It’s a good mode but it doesn’t really cut the mustard of slaying vader. There seems to be less players in a lobby than BF4 with a few different game modes which is very surprising considering it could’ve been built of the same engine. On the plus side the visual elements are second to none on all platforms, especially of course PC, but who does PC gaming (KEETS).

One thing EA have included on this release is Splitscreen play. This is what the fans have been asking for! Finally I can sit in the same room as friends and share the experience, lets hope the money normally used for a single player campaign has been rightfully pumped into a seamless co-op splitscreen delivery.

The next big player this winter is COD Black ops 3, now on it’s next future war with even more robots and Zombies. Personally I didn’t buy into the last couple of games from this franchise mainly due to the ridiculous multiplayer. I absolutely hated being owned by a random headshot from a guy bouncing of three walls doing a handstand off his rocket launcher. The single player yet again seems to span an afternoon of game play which is shocking for a modern day game with a huge budget, whilst the multiplayer just adds more complex random shit. The addition of classes is a bonus clearly taken from Destiny with each player having a base class and charge ability. Can you know imagine having that bouncing rocket launcher handstanding twat slapping you with a wet fish from the other side of the map? No thanks.

let’s face it all they need to do is head back in time to WW2 or even WW1! World at war was the best COD I’ve ever played, all they need to do is include a North African campaign, few new guns, vehicles and they’d have themselves an absolute winner. I can’t see where they’ll go next on their current trajectory, Space, different planets? Hang on that’s just Halo right?


Talking of Halo we recently had their the latest release of Microsoft’s Halo, Halo Guardians. Personally i’ve not been a massive follower of Halo from its origin. I’ve found it all a bit basic, with standard vehicles and weapons which are fairly insignificant against shields, I find the fun is and tactics are removed as no doubt the chances are you’d end up running around with no ammo and your pants by your ankles punching the air.


Even though I’m not the biggest fan of the series I did give Guardians a go of the back of friends peer pressure and it’s insanely over egged marketing campaign. My verdict; what a pathetic story line…. The ending reminds me of Destiny with the company clearly looking to make a set of sequels and squeeze as much juice out of the halo fruit as possible. Then the multiplayer comes into play and again, it left me feeling meh, with no gravitas to hold my attention.

It’s not easy trying to please the gaming community and it’s easy to slate the hard work the teams do on these games, but I just feel they don’t tend to ask what people are after. I mean of course people want to play offline, of course people want to play in the same room on the same console. My question would be why are these not the core principles of FPS games? You wouldn’t just have Mario kart online. I realise it will be difficult to do but nothing is impossible.


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  • Some interesting points raised and questions asked here I think, Adam.

    The first I’d say is in regards to your final question, concerning core principles of first person shooters these days. It’s true as you say that technically it can difficult to accomplish, but unfortunately in this case as in many others, it comes down to money. While split screen play is a big draw for many players, most big development studios are unwilling to spend extra time and money on such a feature. This is especially true for split screen, since in a worst case scenario for the publisher, it can mean only one copy purchased instead of two or even four.

    The other thing I’d like to say is in regards to COD. I think the reason the WWII Call of Duty games were so good is because back then, the developer (the original Infinity Ward, who are widely considered to have ‘made’ Call of Duty ) was still innovating inside the genre. Call of Duty, the first game, shocked players with its lack of 1-100 HP health system, and gave a sense of fragility as a player, which perfectly complimented the large scale on-going conflict you traveled through.
    More than a decade later, COD is infamous for bringing health-regen into the mainstream, its single player levels feel more like arenas than places you journey through, and the year on year release of sequels has pretty much forced their hand as far as setting and tone goes. They can only ever go ‘bigger’ now. In short, the development process long ago moved away from experimentation and innovation to low risk reiteration.

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