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Eloping is now the in thing


So I’m at the stage in my life where everyone’s starting to look at weddings and I’ve seen a huge trend of Elope marriages or saving money and getting married abroad. It’s a huge u-turn from my parents generation who wouldn’t of even considered this as an option. It’s clear to see why with the amount of hassle and cost involved in the whole arrangement.

General costs broken down

For the vast majority of people this will be a fairly boring and pointless read but for the people interested I’ll break down the research I’ve found to share the costings.


So this is probably the biggest cost depending on what your looking at and it can range from between 3,000 anywhere up to 7,000. I was shocked by some of the places charging that much to hire a big room for people to get pissed and say congratulations in! That’s without any of the extras on top.

Ceremony costs

So this again depends on your guests and can be included in the venue costs but you then need to add-on the actual cost of getting it legalised, ranging from 400-600 and then the actual ceremony, 500+. You can see it’s starting to stack up, and you’ve only just got the basics!

Catering and drinks

So this is where the venue basically ties you into their little monopoly. A lot of Venues make you choose from a list of ‘3rd party certified clients’. Basically they have a deal to give each other back rubs and this then pushes the price up yet again if you have external custom things you’d like to add in like a fondue set or a Boar roast. Again depending on the size you’re looking at 400 plus.

Other Extras

So I haven’t even considered the DJ, the brides dress, photographer and the list can go on. I mean for this stuff you can easily start stacking the costs up to 1,000’s.

Inviting people you don’t talk to

As if the above isn’t enough you then have to consider the distant family members, the people who sent you one birthday card 10 years ago and the great uncles aunties nan who knew your sister when she was in the arctic exploring polar chicken farming. Another added charge to consider.

You don’t need to be a Math’s genius to figure out that’s considerable money for a single day. Obviously it depends on your religion and importance held around marriage but for the majority of atheists this is serious amounts of money, especially in today’s money driven word. I know for sure that the majority of young adults are trying to save for a house or looking at toward families in the near future which is already exhausting their savings. Now here’s how much Eloping costs


So when you consider eloping what do you need to consider? Well it’s simple, you just invite who you want to come and sell it as a holiday with a celebration on one day. I’ve found that a lot of people are simply consulting the close family to arrange a comfortable date then sending invites out to the people who they think might come.

So what’s the catch?

Well there’s a few things some couples need to consider, such as the location and the packages which again can start to spiral depending on what their after. I’ve looked at a lot of packages and it ranges on the obvious again, distance and glam so you can look at 2,000 upwards. The only thing that some couples may need to consider is the people who can’t make the wedding and want to celebrate this occasion, so a reception in the uk. Where you can fall into the wedding spiral of throwing cash into a black hole. If this is something your interested in, I would stay away from any castle and stick to the town halls and function rooms as this cost can sky rocket unintentionally

So what’s happening then?

As I mentioned previously it seems that younger adults tend to stray away from the traditional bells and whistles church weddings nowadays simply because they’re not religious or are saving for other milestones in their lives. I think the 90’s generations mindset is vastly different to older generations with the introduction of the internet and religious wars happening. Perhaps less people are seeing the religious importance of a wedding and see it as more of a thing to do to start a family with the same name so they can get accepted into local schools or events. Whilst the Wedding market seems to catch couples out who want to celebrate in the UK by having additional costs on top of additional costs hoping that they will get the most money they can per event. It’s no secret people will spend a fortune to see their children get married and in some respects it’s seen as a direct link to family wealth.

It completely depends on the circumstances but I know I’ll be looking at saving the money eloping and enjoying the money elsewhere on the honeymoon or family.

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