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Deadpool for the win!


Who is Deadpool? He’s the most powerful mutant in the Marvel Universe with Wolverines Healing, unbelievable reaction speeds and most importantly, a sense of humor Saturday night live would struggle to contain. That said, Deadpool has managed to break records and slash assumptions of the franchise hording studios with his adult humored standalone film Produced from Ryan Reynolds Will Power.

Can Someone think of the Children

So I can safely say having watched Deadpool in the new Xplus at Readings Showcase cinema, it’s not for any child under the age of 14. The scripting and actions so slapstick and in context to Deadpool’s character it’s charming and refreshing to the Marvel Universe.

As we all know most supers are created to be good, crime fighting champions who project a particular way of thinking onto children’s imagination. In doing so spark brawls in playgrounds over who is the most righteous and popular. Well I’d say Deadpool is certainly the anti-hero and goes against this convention but not villainous like Doctor Doom or Venom, which is important to remember. He’s the kind of character that would just kick you in the balls and then slap you in the face with a fish or a ham sandwich if you done something which directly effect him. A righteous hero that does it for himself.

So how did this film come to be so…Not Marvel?

It all started at the end of Wolverine Origins where you saw Wade (Ryan Renyolds) as a similar variant of Deadpool, now of course if you have watched it, he’s nothing like the Deadpool we all know now in the red suit. it turned out that Ryan Reynolds was the one who forced a the new story for Deadpool to create his own cinematic origin. Safe to say the studio didn’t like this until late in to proceedings, ironically when the hype train began around the film and the way it was being directed, against the grain of any other super film. Like flies to shit they began to have more and more interest, this lack of interest in the beginning might be reason to this films February release date. As we know Feb is usually the ‘flop month’ as it’s award season however it’s clear to see the studios were completely wrong and February has turned into one of the most profitable months!

Ryan Reynolds has done an absolutely amazing job at creating something for the fans and ignoring the Fox/Disney rights over the X-men and the word ‘Mutant’. Literally by mentioning both the Avengers and X-men throughout the film. I’m not going to give to give away any spoilers but Deadpool does what you would imagine; see the rules, break the rules. I had a few questions going into the film and one was around the girl next to the Giant Colossus, who the hell was she? Turns out a pretty powerful new mutant on the screen called Teenage Supersonic Warhead, which as you can imagine causes major banter between Deadpool and her. I was wondering there’d be any mention to the X-men but not to be let down, there were a ton of references to them, especially good old Wolverine!

Will Deadpool be the Catalyst for Change

In the years that the Marvel universe has been on the big screen we’ve seen an evolution in the films interests. From the first Captain America film all the way to the latest Deadpool film. The audience has decided they don’t just want loads of shit blowing up, they want comic-relief and character stories, proven in Ant-mans success. I hope that Deadpool will have a new set of films and be included in the X-men films, but only on his terms. If they try to dilute his humor then it’ll come across like he’s been censored and corrupted. It’s safe to say I’m on team Deadpool!


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