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Christmas as a grown up

As life goes on Christmas changes and evolves with age. When you’re younger Christmas is all about Mr Santa claus getting his apple bottomed slacks down that chimney or in my case through the french windows in the living room. Now I’m in my mid 20’s those apple bottom slacks just don’t kick it anymore. Now it’s more about enjoying time off work, gaining a couple pounds and wake up with the worst hangover in centuries only for it to be continued through to boxing day.

Christmas during the 90’s was different, so different.. Not only due to the fact I was a lot younger but the way things were done. Sales didn’t happen on Christmas eve and the internet barely existed meaning people actually had to go shopping and in Malls it was an event. Things were a bit more jolly back then and Arnie can second that with the greatest christmas film Jingle all the way. It’s TURBO TIME!! Don’t get me wrong he doesn’t have a fantastic time trying to find Turbo man but it all pans out in the end. Just imagine this narrative in the 21st Century.


‘He wants Turboman’
‘I’ll look on Amazon’
‘Have you got Prime?’
‘Yeah, it’s coming tomorrow’

Not particularly exciting even if you jazzed it up with Justin Bieber’s new album or some American popstar wannabe actor.

Needless to say nowadays it’s more about the food. Let’s face it Turkey and stuffing is the greatest combo known to man. That and a seriously crunchy roastie and shite cracker drop. I mean who the hell needs a two buttoned calculator or a mini spinner. No one but it’s part of the fun along with board games and being asleep by 4pm. Literally I’m writing this now imagining waking up at 7 to Wham, annoying the family, opening the booze, eating and then falling asleep watching a rubbish film or the next Doctor Who failure.

I do wonder what my children will remember when their my age, will they have their favourite film and enjoy the christmas shopping? Will the shopping still be in Malls or will a new App come along to change the way Santa works? Either way I’m sure it’ll be a nostalgic event none the less. After all it’s all about having the family around you, regardless of the arguments.

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