Studio Spokes

Author - Adam Spokes

Instagram Hefe set

This set of images have had various filters placed on them via the app instagram. The main app I have concentrated on and will do afterwards will be hefe. I love the look its gives with high contrast and powerful saturation, really gives the images power, also I have accidentally stubbled across the image of the week: The road to brandy buck.

Hula Hoop photoshoot

This is a photo shoot which explores the power of voyeurism and how the viewer can be introduced to something otherwise ignored within a large landscape image. The processes I have used for this set is a simple masking technique with a glass filter on the outside to direct the viewer to the central third of the photo.


Lots of things have happened but I think I only need to say AVENGERS ASSEMBLE! This film is by far the greatest marvel film every created, fuck spiderman and all the other films prior to the avengers. If you haven't seen it I would suggest you go, even if you are new to the genre it explains everything and lays it out extremely well. With the...