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Advertising about the customer not too the customer

Recently marketing has undergone a huge change in how it pushes propositions to the public. From memory I remember a huge change in advertising from around November last year from the big supermarkets ready for christmas. The majority of the big boys used to try and push their brand and whats special about their goods, ranging from quality all the way to exclusives. However the general public seem to of got a bit bored of this and rebelled causing the marketeers to try another approach.

This new adoption of customer centric information was a huge success with the John Lewis advert. That little penguin called Monty caused chaos in all stores and warehouses selling out in literally hours of stores opening, The reason? Kids having an emotional connection with the little penguin and the story behind the penguin, he needs a friend for Christmas not presents, de-commercialisation Christmas and hitting the heart strings for every person.

The most recent and successful second campaign to note was from three and their holiday snap campaign.

This is the second year it’s running and by the looks of it the budget for this campaign has been doubled along with it’s exposure to their key demographic, the young data conscious adults who use and rely on social media as a platform for bragging and sharing their global experiences. This year they have included Spain, which means if this hits the demographic well enough Facebook will be flooded with pictures of shagaloof quicker than Jeff put his condom on in the dark.

I think this push for the younger audience has really been amped with the possible buy out of 02 and I wouldn’t be surprised if the other telcos try to stop three in their tracks of segment domination!

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