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8 weeks changed my life


As some of you close to me are aware I got a little big over the past year just before my wedding. I had several severe injuries that caused me to decrease the amount of exercise I was doing. Which of course I didn’t reflect in my eating habits at all! I then decided to change my training up. 8 weeks before my wedding in December I switched my ‘lifestyle’.

The full picture

Most people want to look good for their wedding day as it’s a special moment for both parties with family and friends being there to celebrate, have a few drinks and ‘free food’. We all hope for a great spread at a wedding especially when it’s a long day and the groom loves his food! So for my wedding day I had a suit commissioned by Moss Bros which was snug at the official measure, with the intention of losing a bit of extra baggage before the day. I did manage to lose 4lbs thanks to Shredquarters.  They had me training hard on the morning of my wedding and the guys were incredible supportive. Even when I’d moan about my various niggles.

After the goal date

Shortly after the wedding came Christmas and gorge season meaning instead of continuing to lose weight I seemed to gain a lot more. With this in mind I continued my training at Shredquarters until I took the plunge into the SHRED. An 8 week plan devised by Adam and Hannah (PT’s and owners of SHQ) which aids your diet regime and exercise plan through education, pt’s and classes. Of course it takes the will power and a lot of character to crack on and finish the 8 weeks.

Personally I can safely say it was the perfect thing to shock me on the weigh in and prepare myself for the 8 weeks. I literally felt like a biggest loser contestant at the start, but with less back story and not quite as rotund. Stood their looking like my chin was swallowed by my neck. Not a good look at all, so the shock factor really kicked me up the arse to push myself to get back to my old athletic build.


Ready Steady Go

Once the starting stats where set in stone it was time to concentrate and make sure I stuck to the plan given to me by the team. Which was incredible hard to begin with, cutting sugar, carbs and pretty much most of the ‘naughty draw’ goodies that had plagued my waistline for the past year or so. I was so determined to prove to myself more than anyone that I was capable of pulling this off so the food audit was just the start.

It’s safe to say the first 3 days are by far, the hardest as your body stops relying on carbs for energy and flips on it’s head to rely on proteins. I tried this during my Ketogenic dieting and it was just as hard but this time I had veg to wash down the meat instead of cheese and oil. After the third day the cravings started to decrease and the first weeks results spurred me on. I lost 7 lbs in the first week which is mental, and then 4 lbs in the second. I then thought of a target weight to lose which seemed totally unachievable at the time.

Here’s some stats that’ll make you blink twice:

Starting stats
Weight: 228.5lbs
Body Fat: 26.5%
Body Fat Mass: 59.9 lbs
8 week stats
Weight: 199 lbs
Body Fat: 18.6%
Body Fat Mass: 37 lbs
The Difference
Weight: 28.5 lbs
Body Fat: 7.8%
Body Fat Mass dropped: 22.9 lbs


So now what?

The plan is to sustain and try to get leaner, a couple of months on and I’ve only put a few pounds on through illness and undertraining. This includes a birthday party and finding out I’ll be having a baby boy in August.

Ideas and commitment

For those of you in the Reading area, I would say get down the Shredquarters and give it a go. The guys down there are committed to making you better and that is the first step to success. To help those reading this I’ll be publishing some of the simple recipes that helped me through the dark sugar craving times.

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